1st music experience tuned on Berlin und Florenz
720AM Cover
720AM Cover


Credits 720AM
Credits 720AM


720AM - Pop Synth
720AM – Pop Synth

I’m not mistaken

……I measure the time from my heart
Feelings have no age
perhaps different ways……
……sometimes lend a positive ear
to the beats out of a synchro
I’m not mistaken!

I feel like it

……I can’t dream here in only your life ‘cause
My flights of fancy are my reality
If i stay true to myself, they see a raving lunatic
I’m stuck with a formal smile for the time being…..

I fell like it !

Breathe this moment

……We started to laugh
our scent was intoxicating
like our voices that blend into this new sound

“Do you know? Do you know?
Only you, can make me breathe this moment !”

Gift box

……Turn on, turn on your gift box
there’s a party everyday!
ain’t no party where i stay……
……welcome in the vortex of truth and contradictions !



“I’m not mistaken” – Official Video